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Everyone is unique, with many sides to their personality – serious, playful, sporty, and fashion conscious, to name a few.  With multi-dimension lifestyles, how can we expect one pair of glasses to do it all? Most people need at least 2 pairs of glasses – one for indoor use and one fo
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Are the longer wavelengths blue light from your tablets, phones and computers keeping you up at night? Probably …

In the journal Nature, Dr. Charles Czeisler discusses the function of intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells (ipRGCs) in regard to regulating circadian rhythm. Just as the ear has two functions (hearing and balance), so does the eyes. Light exposure at night, particularly
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I have the prescription for my glasses – now what? From eye exam to glasses – there is more involved than you think

When patients get their prescription from their doctors, they go to their local pharmacy and get the medication. When patients are finished with their eye exams, they give their spectacle prescription to their optometrist or optician and the lenses get put into the frame of choice. Si
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An Iconic Tint now becomes part of the new Transitions Signature VII series – from your Barrie Optometrist

JFK, James Dean, Tom Cruise in Top Gun – need I say more? In the 1950s, the graphite green lens were applied to sunglasses worn by U.S. Navy pilots based on research that showed the gray-green color helps pilots locate and track objects against a variety of outdoor backgrounds such as
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2 Innovative Lenses: Introductory Progressive Lenses and Anti-Fatigue Lenses

Introductory Progressive Lenses – the “training wheels” of Progressive (No-line bifocal) Lenses It’s common for new presbyopic patients (those with “old eyes”) to put off getting progressive lenses, and just “make do” with over-the-counter readers.  But they are missing out on the opp
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